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Turn Stress Into Energy

My quest to enhance my personal development has ultimately been structured around one simple goal, to provide a better life for my family and myself.

I have taken numerous steps to educate myself and to become more effective at what I learn. By repeating this process over and over again, I begin to achieve the results that I am looking for. So for the most part, I have learned how to achieve my goals more effectively.

With so much focus on bettering my life as well as my family’s, there was one element of personal development that I was not focusing on. The main reason why I was lacking focus in this area was because I was unaware that this area of one’s life deserved the much needed attention that it does.

The area of my life which I had no control over was my stress level. As I became more educated and knowledgeable in other aspects of my life, I ignored my stress level thinking “Oh well, stress is just a part of life”.

In reality however, that “part” of my life began affecting other areas of my life. When things were going smoothly, I excelled at achieving my goals and being more productive. But the minute something went wrong or not as planned and had a negative affect on my life, my stress levels would rise to levels which I could not control.

This in turn would prevent me from dealing with problems or unexpected events effectively. The result was that other areas of my life were affected for days, sometimes even weeks at a time.

Aside from that, my health was becoming more and more at risk every day. My blood pressure was high, I was having chest pains and at times, I felt as though I was on the verge of depression.

The first key in finding the solution to a problem, is to acknowledge the problem itself.

Realizing what a negative impact stress (and my lack of capability to control it) was having on my life, I began searching for a resource that I could put to use over and over again to manage my stress.

What I discovered not only helped me manage my stress but believe it or not, I even learned how to convert the energy driving my stress to enthusiasm.

For seven years, Michael Licenblat ran the Shiatsu & Health Centre of Melbourne (Australia) where he helped over 4000 people bounce back from stress related ailments (such as headaches, fatigue, back pain, emotional tension, sleeplessness, stomach cramps, and even some illnesses) naturally – without using vitamins, oils, tinctures, counseling, or drugs.

As a Shiatsu Massage Therapist with a Bachelor of Science (Psychology), he was able to show people what causes their stress, how it affects their productivity (mental concentration, memory, and energy levels), how it drains their body and health, and then what to do to stop it.

Michael has now put forward his knowledge about building resilience and reducing stress in the form of his highly acclaimed e-book entitled “Turn Stress into Energy & Enthusiasm”.

Here is a sneak preview of what you will learn…

  • The real reasons why the physiology of movement is a highly efficient stress relief strategy (page 86)

  • Four stress relieving activities that you must make part of your daily routine which will keep your stress levels down, your energy high and enhance your fitness – even if you work very long hours (page 87)

  • How to direct your mind to evaporate stress from your body – immediately (page 96)

  • The four negative mindsets that you must avoid at all costs which infect your body with stress and paralyze your drive and motivation (page 104)

  • The four resilient mental attitude principles that act as an anti-venom to stress and keep your feeling positive and self confident (page 107)

  • The resilient mental attitude formula that keeps your mind focused – regardless of how much stress there is around you (page 121)

  • How to control feelings of panic, fear, anxiety and stress in under 60 seconds using a resilient breathing pattern (page 128)

  • Five critical breathing techniques to use before, during, and after any meeting, negotiation or confrontation to reduce stress and stay calm (pages 132 – 143)

  • How to immune yourself from stressful and draining clients, customers or colleagues (page 148)

  • The three steps to take that reduces the emotional intensity of any discussion, confrontation or argument (page 152)

  • Why you may be stressing yourself out if you are not getting enough of this particular nutrient in your day. (You will also learn exactly how much of it you need to for your brain to function at its best) (page 163)

  • How to select food that will help your body become more resilient to pressure and why eating the wrong foods actually forces your body to feel stressed (page 173)

  • Why being out in the sunlight each day (even if it is raining or overcast) is a vital key to stress relief, staying happy and feeling positive (page 185)

  • How to unwind your mind from work worries and recharge your energy levels to start each day feeling refreshed and revitalized – even if you are a ‘workaholic’ (page 189)

  • How to de-stress your body to have deeper and more restful sleep (page 194)

  • How to prevent stress from making you sick and burning you out by protecting your health & wellbeing from exhaustion (page 202)

  • How to find time for your own needs amidst the pressures and stresses of work (pages 205 – 213)

  • And much more..

I have yet to see a resource put together such as this on the topic of managing stress. Aside from being informative and easy to read, it works!

It improved my overall quality of life and has given me the tools that I need to manage my stress so that I can still remain effective and strong in other areas of my life.

Aside from that it has probably added a few years on my life as well.

This is a resource that everyone can use to enhance their level of self improvement. Log onto right now and begin living healthier, stress free life.

Visit The Stress Management Success Website

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