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The Social Strategies Audio Series

Did you ever notice how time flies when you’re having fun? Yet when we have do something that isn’t too interesting or even worse, something we dread, time just seems to take forever?

The reason really boils down to what’s going on inside our minds. When we are engaged in activity that we see as fun or enjoyable, our minds are so stimulated that we don’t think about anything else except what we are doing.

The amount of time we spend doing something will never change, it is simply how we think of it or whether we think of it at all.

This correlates to the fact that aside from enjoying the time spent engaged in interesting activities, we also remember the distinct aspects of those events better as well.

For example, if on Sunday May 6th 2007, you spent the entire day locked in a room with nothing but your thoughts, you may think of a thousand different things. But when all is said and done, what if I asked you about your experience in the room? Was it warm or cold? Large or small? Have one door or two? Chances are you wouldn’t remember. You spent 24 hours in a room that you can’t even begin to describe in detail.

Now, if you spent that entire day on a vacation in your favorite place in the world, you’d have tons of things to tell me about that place. And probably without me even asking. You’d describe the people, food, weather, etc.

You may be thinking. "Well of course I’d have things to talk about. I was on vacation and had many things to do as opposed to being stuck in a room and bored." While this is true, what I am pointing out is the attention to detail that we seem to have when we engage in fun and interesting activities as opposed to the lack of remembrance of detail to those activities that are not interesting.

This is why some people have a knack for certain things. It basically begins with an interest in that certain area that eventually becomes a desire to do it over and over again. When you do something that you enjoy over and over again, two things happen:

1.) Time seems to fly as you are doing it and…

2.) You become better at it because your attention to detail is so precise.

John Mercer definitely had this profile in mind when he designed his life-changing program on beating social phobias.

Aside from the program being choc full of effective principles, it is designed in a way that will keep you interested and absorbing the valuable information encapsulated within it.

Unlike any other program on the market, this audio will help you enrich your life through fun & thrilling games structured to help you beat your social phobias.

After all, what is more fun and mind stimulating than games?

As I always say, in order for a personal development resource to be a gem in my mind it must fit 3 criteria:

1.) It must be effective

2.) It must be easy to use

3.) It must be a good value

Not only does this program fit all three criteria, it is innovative, fun and will deliver results that will stay with you as the quality of each lesson is enhanced through the game format of the program.

Log onto the Social Strategies Website right now and find out what all the hype is about.

Visit The Social Strategies Website

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