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The Power of Positive Habits

100 years ago, we were in the agricultural age and a person’s ability to farm determined their success. 50 Years ago, we were in the industrial age and a person’s success was determined by their ability to work with or develop machines for mass production. Today my friends, we are in what is known as the information age. In today’s world, information is king.

Information precedes everything. Why? Because the right information with regard to a specific situation can bring forth many other things such as wealth, success, health, love or whatever it is that you may be in search of.

I personally, am in search of information that can enhance my personal development because I know that if I continuously improve in that area, everything else will follow.

So now the question becomes "who has the information?" or "where can I get this information?" My constant search for this valuable information has led me to many people, products and services. Some were good, some were ok and some were terrible. But there is always a select few that are outstanding.

The Power of Positive Habits
by Dan Robey is not only outstanding, it is essential to anyone wishing to enhance their level of personal development.

Dan and the folks at Abritt publishing have put together a phenomenal program that can be one of the greatest resources available to man in his quest to improve himself.

This life-changing program consists of an e-book and an audio program and an integrated PC program that is the result of 2 years of dedicated research from Dan Robey that led him to interviews with the nations top doctors & scientists from Harvard Medical School, New England Journal of Medicine, The Journal of Clinical Nutrition and Journal of the American Medical Association.

The program is based on cognitive re-structuring which is learning to identify your own cycle of negative thoughts, habits and routines and replacing them with positive thoughts, habits and routines that will provide you with lifelong benefits.

You will learn:

  • What Habits Are

  • How They Affect Your Life

  • How to Make Them Affect Your Life Positively

  • How to Put Yourself on Autopilot

  • Then, you will learn habits for specific areas of your life. Such as:

  • 20 Positive Habits for Greater Success and Improved Relationships

  • 27 Positive Habits for a Healthier Heart and Lower Cholesterol

  • 30 Positive Habits to help you get Trim and Fit and Lose Weight…automatically

  • 13 Positive Habits to keep you Motivated all the time

  • 15 Positive Habits for improved Self Esteem and a Positive Attitude

  • 19 Positive Habits for a Stronger Immune system and reduced Cancer risks

  • 12 Positive Habits that will give you more Energy every day

That’s one of the things I love most about this program. It’s not a generalized resource, it’s habit specific. The other things I love about the program are the fact that it comes in e-book format as I love to read. But it also comes in an audio program format which I can use as I lay down to relax at night. It even has an Apple I-Pod bonus so I can load up all the valuable mp3’s into my I-Pod.

Now comes the best part (aside from the price).

The Power of Positive Habits
PC Program. This will allow you to use your PC as a catalyst for propelling you forward. In about 21 days time, you can place within yourself new permanent habits that will bring forth positive benefits for the rest of your life!

But wait, it gets even better!

Dan and the other researchers at Abritt Publishing are in a constant search of new positive habits that can transform your life. They are relentlessly scrutinizing the latest medical reports on positive habits and adding them to their web servers. Your Positive Habits PC program will communicate once a week via the internet with these web servers at Abritt Publishing and automatically download the latest information. I find that to be truly amazing!

The Internet, our PC’s and the information exchanged on both of them is what makes up our future. Dan Robey has recognized that fact and has created an opportunity for all of us to enhance our lives right from our own homes.

When it comes to self improvement, the quality of information has always been the key component that determines the effectiveness of what ever it is that you are using improve yourself with.

The Power of Positive Habits
by Dan Robey truly delivers the valuable information that many of us are in search of.

This valuable information does not come in the form of a cookie cutter approach. You will learn exactly what habits will improve specific parts of your life.

Remember when I said "Now comes the best part (aside from the price)"? Well, believe it or not the total investment for this life elevating jewel is just $39.

Not to mention the fact that Dan’s throwing in over $1,200 worth of bonuses! That just makes it seem plain silly not to make the investment.

Check Out The Power of Positive Habits Website

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