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The Magic of Forgiveness

Some time ago, I was in a deep, meaningful relationship that suddenly ended. And when it did, boy was I upset. I did what many people do when they are emotionally hurt, I was saddened and I began to blame myself for the pain.

I felt it was my fault for making the wrong choice in choosing and trusting this person as well as not being able to pick up on certain signs that would have enabled me to see what was inevitably about to happen. Most of all, I blamed myself for not being “good enough” for this person.

I decided that I needed to use this pain as a catalyst for something positive. I needed to convert this sorrow into positive energy.

I completely changed my entire diet to only consume a healthy amount of calories, complex carbohydrates, fats and protein each day. I also began exercising vigorously. Within six months time, I had completely changed my body and I felt good about myself.

I kept up this good attitude about my health for quite sometime. Then, I met someone else and after taking my time and not rushing into things, I eventually found myself in another deep, meaningful relationship.

What I began notice however was that my positive health regimen was beginning to deteriorate. I was no longer eating healthy and my days at the gym became few and far in between. Eventually, I regained all the weight that I originally had, plus more.

Being a person truly committed to enhancing my level of personal growth, I began researching the reasons why everytime my relationships flourished, my health regimen went down the tubes.

I was speaking to a friend of mine about this when he asked me what truly motivated me to work out and eat healthy and what kept driving me to do so.

I realized that everytime I avoided eating something bad or went to the gym on a day that I was dead tired, the reason why was because I didn’t want to ever feel the pain or guilt that I experienced after my last relationship ended.

I came to the conclusion that deep down inside, lack of forgiveness for myself was the only thing driving me to be healthier. While the results that came with working out and eating healthy, were definitely positive, they were fueled by something negative.

The minute that I entered into a new relationship, I forgave myself for the errors I made in that relationship and stopped working out.

The problem with a scenario like this is that your health is always in the hands of what may occur in a relationship. When things are good, you take your health for granted and when things are bad, you beat yourself and feel the need to always work out.

Lack of forgiveness manifests itself in many different ways for many different people but in the end, it’s effects are anything but positive.

My friend then introduced me to a powerful program by Mark Ivar Myhre called

The Magic of Forgiveness which was a powerful emotional healing tool that I used to truly forgive myself for mistakes that I had made so that my health would never be dependent on matters which I could not control.

As I read this book, I also began to identify other areas of my life which had been negatively affected by my inability to forgive myself and others. And once I learned how to effectively heal these emotional wounds in my life, many areas of my life become enriched.

I recommend this powerful book to anyone who has a problem with forgiveness as well as any one just plain interested in enhancing their level of self improvement. You’ll be surprised at what you may discover.

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The Magic of Forgiveness

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