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The Hidden Secret

Have you ever tried to get somewhere that you’ve never been before? What’s the first thing you do?

Generally, the first thing most people do is get their hands on a map. Once looking at the map, they find their starting point and their destination. Then, you look at all the stuff in between and what you wind up with is a set of directions to get to your desired destination.

It still amazes me to this day how many people either don’t realize that you have to do the same thing when it comes to your life or know they should do it but have no idea how to do so. When you really think about it, a map is nothing more than a part of your vision to get to your destination.

The overall vision consists of many facets. Initially, the destination is visualized. Then, the means to get there is visualized. And finally, the arrival is visualized. Yet still, people seem to think the same principles don’t apply to their lives.

They seem to think life is just something that happens. In most cases, these people are unhappy with what life has given them. And it’s no surprise when you think about it. How disappointed would you be if you sat around and waited for someone to give you something every time you wanted it rather than getting it your self?

The good news is that there are resources available that can help you create a vision for your life so that you don’t wander though life aimlessly while life hands you things you’re not interested in having.

There are many sectors of self-improvement and personal development. Such sectors include time management, goal setting, affirmations, effective partnering and planning, and much more.

But before any of these things can be put into place, a vision is necessary. It is the vision that navigates the direction of all these areas.

Sometimes people go wrong in creating their vision or they don’t clearly define it. Then, when they start applying techniques in areas like goal setting, time management, etc that conflict with their overall “fuzzy” or undefined vision, they wind up with negative results.

Valerie Dawson’s best selling audio course entitled
The Hidden Secret
is a must have for anyone who has tried and tested other resources but wound up falling short.

Her program encompasses a number of areas in life that most people want to improve upon and will enable you to effectively create a vision that can be aligned with your efforts to yield powerful, effective results.

What you have with
The Hidden Secret
is effective personal development at its best. Just look at what’s encapsulated in this course:

"Attract Your New Car" Audio

Retail value $75

Are you frustrated that the car of your dreams seems out of reach?

Do you see other people drive cars that you wish you could have?

Are you worried that you’ll never have enough money to drive the car that you really want?

Are you ready to trade in your old car and get the new shiny one – exactly how you want it?

Then you’ll love this CD! By listening to this audio, you’ll actually "see" yourself purchasing and driving the car of your dreams. It will amaze you how quickly you will find the means to buy your dream car when you listen to this audio for just 15 minutes a day!

"Attract Your Dream Home" Audio

Retail value $75

Do you drive through nice neighborhoods and admire the beautiful homes that you see?

Do you see homes on television, maybe of the rich and famous, and think how wonderful it would be to live in such luxury?

Do the rising costs of homes concern you? Are you worried that you will never be able to "get ahead" enough to buy the home that you really, really want?

Would you be simply delighted to live in your dream home?

Then this CD is for you! This fantastic audio CD will help you to get crystal clear about what kind of home that you want, where you want it to be, and how you would like furnish and decorate it. Once you can get that clear image in your mind and "pretend" that you already have it, the universe will show you ways that you have it – for real!

Attract "Radiant Health" Audio

Retail value $75

Do you have health issues you’d like to heal?

Do you sometimes feel tired and fatigued?

Are you worried about your body aging?

Do you want to feel young, vibrant, alive, healthy and energetic?

Then you’ll love this CD! By listening to this 15 minute audio, you will see yourself healthy, fit, and feeling great. As you listen, you’ll imagine yourself as youthful with vibrant health. Soon, your body will respond by creating optimum health.

Put this course at the top of your list of things to do before 2008. You won’t be disappointed.

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