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The Experts’ Guide To Managing Your Time

I once read about a demonstration that a man giving a presentation to a bunch of people performed where he took a giant jar and filled it all the way to the top with rocks. He then asked the crowd if the jar was full. They said yes.

Then, he began pouring a bunch of smaller rocks on top of the big rocks and asked the question again. After that, he continued to pour tiny pebbles on top of everything and the jar seemed absolutely filled to the point where nothing else could fit into it.

Once again, he asked the crowd if there was any room for anything else. They all said no.

Then, he began pouring water into the jar which seeped into all the tiny little spots of air in the jar and the crowd was amazed yet again.

The man performing the demonstration was simply trying to point out the fact that many times, people think there is absolutely no room at all for anything else in their lives when if they simply filled all the little spots that they never paid much attention to, they could find a ton of time just simply being wasted.

The point is this. Time is a precious commodity. It is something that – no matter how rich, poor, skilled, talented, intelligent, or blessed you may be – remains the same for everyone. We all have the same amount of time in each day.

Yet, if we were able to create more time, our lives would be that much more fulfilled. Well I’m here to tell you that while you cannot create more time each day, you can effectively manage your time better so that you can get more things done. Combine that with the fact that you can get the things you do completed faster and guess what……it’s almost like you’ve created another half of a day to get things done.

So now the question becomes how? Where can I turn to get my hands on information to help me manage my time more efficiently?

Shafir Ahmad’s ability to ask and answer these questions and then take the necessary steps to get the information from some of the top experts in the world and then package it into a easy to understand affordable e-Book is what gets him and his best selling course my top vote on time management.

Shafir’s relentless search led him to the minds of the experts listed below:

  • Maria Marsala: A business consultant from Wall Street, she is a strategist for small businesses and speaker who has helped thousands to achieve financial and business success.

  • Tim Connor: He is the President and CEO of Connor Resource Group, Peak Performance and Sales Clubs of America. In the last 35 years, he has been professional speaker, trainer, coach, consultant and best selling author of over 60 books.

  • Jeanie Marshall: An empowerment consultant and coach, she helps people to find the powers within themselves. She has appeared as guest on TV and radio shows, as well as produced and hosted a local TV show.

  • Rick Stephens: He is a recognized consultant/business leader with 30 years of business experience. Highly trained in the areas of management, leadership, customer relationships, Quality Control and Cost Containment.

  • Denise Taylor: She is a chartered occupational psychologist and careers expert in UK and has also published extensively in the area of career development. She coaches people to achieve career satisfaction and be more effective at work.

  • Andrew McCombe: He is the owner and MD of an international preventive health, fitness and lifestyle management company. Apart from being a coach, a trainer and speaker, he is also a competitive sportsman who is currently in training for the 2008 Olympics.

And those are just a few.

This book is jam packed with the secrets of the masters that will help you fill your jar all the way to the top. But the best part is that once you do, the rewards you will reap will truly enrich your life.

By simply logging on to the time management website, you can get your hands on information that other people pay thousands of dollars to get. Start enriching your life through improved effective time management today:

–> The Experts’ Guide To Managing Your Time <–

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