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Subconscious Mind Power

As a personal development crusader, I love discovering new resources to add to my collection of treasures designed to enhance my level of self improvement. Each resource that I own holds a special place in my collection for it’s own reasons. Every tape, cd, book, video or mp3 is unique in it’s and effective in it’s own way.

I have learned and enhanced numerous skills using my resources. Some help me manage my time better. Others help me to build positive thoughts and maintain them.

I don’t own too many pieces of material on the sub conscious mind yet I know what a truly important role it plays in personal development. So when I came across "Your Sub Conscious Power" by Charles Simmons, my curiosity began running wild.

After reading this book, I would say it’s some of the most effective, clear cut material available on the sub conscious mind.

Everything begins with the mind. At the forefront of every idea, action, result, feeling, etc. is a thought. This book teaches you how to effectively recognize and utilize the power of subconscious mind to achieve whatever it is you desire.

Before I go on to tell which principles within the book were especially effective, I’d like to point out one part that I enjoyed that basically focused on what doesn’t work .

Many products on the market today contain great information that is indeed effective and can help you greatly. But that’s it. So many of the products that I have come across are basically "how to" books on self improvement. And while they do work, they leave the subject of what doesn’t work and failure untouched. Here’s the problem. Self improvement is a life long journey that requires constant effort to remain positive. It’s not something that you can put together in one day based on a set of instructions that will last you forever like a living room table.

Personal development is just that. DEVELOPMENT. It is an ongoing process that will and should never end because there’s always room for improvement. With that in mind, I believe that aside from knowing what works or builds success, one must also understand what destroys results and creates failure. Reason being is because personal development is a life long journey, the circumstances or situation in your personal life can change at any moment, leaving you open to negativity that can hold you back. However, if you can identify what events, actions, feelings, etc will have a negative impact on your life before you experience them, you can avoid them.

That was one of the most enjoyable parts of this book for me. Right from the start, Charles explains why people fail. He also helps you identify influences in your life to help identify the impact that they are having on your entire being.

After helping you figure out who or what is driving the car of your life, Charles effectively illustrates why the most successful people in the world drive their own cars and shows you how to do the same.

From there, you will learn the importance of other people in your life regardless of their motives and learn how to instill faith within yourself by understanding them.

You will then discover the power of subconscious mind and how to apply it to all aspects of your life which is quite intriguing actually. Charles goes even further to help you understand how the subconscious affects your past, present and future and then how to apply it to your success, faith, goals, happiness, health, security, creativeness through effective planning.

I found this book to be extremely helpful for a number of reasons but if I had to pick one I’d say it’s because I have yet to find a piece of material on the subconscious as illustrative yet easy to understand as this.

Then, I’d pick a second reason and say that the fact that the book helps you to identify what negative catalysts as well as positive one’s was also very enlightening.

The principles in this book have been utilized by highly successful people for over 100 years. Now it’s your turn to capitalize off their secrets.

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