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Sculptor 3

Although I’ve been a self improvement junkie for years, immersing myself in whatever resources I can get my hands on to enrich my life, I must admit that sometimes it can be a little difficult to stay positive.

Let’s face it, no one is perfect. No one is a machine. We all have bad days and we all can fall off track a little bit and even become a little lazy.

Take me for example. I am a creature of habit. Whatever I get myself into the habit of doing usually becomes very easy for me. While this is a good characteristic to have for positive habits, it can be terrible if your habits or time is spent negatively.

I exercise 3 to 5 times per week. Nearly everyday, I’m in the gym at 7am getting in shape. Whenever any circumstance or event should arise which prevents me from going, I feel terribly guilty. But I also feel as if my life is suffering from some sort of an imbalance because the exercise has become imbedded as part of my daily routine.

The reason why I feel guilty is because I know how easily I can fall into the trap of the opposite extreme where I don’t work out at all.

Last year around the holidays, I was extremely busy with work, buying gifts, etc. I wasn’t able to make it to gym as often as I wanted to. Even though I felt guilty, I justified my behavior by telling myself “It’s the holidays. It’s ok to cheat around this time. This is the time to rejoice and be happy. It’s not like I do this all year round.”

Well, it’s now April and I’m just getting back into exercising again. That 1 or 2 weeks turned into almost 4 months!

What started out as a little break, transformed into a “new routine”. The only problem was that the new routine didn’t include exercise. I wound up gaining 15 lbs as a result of my “new routine”.

I realized where I went wrong in this particular area of my life and also noticed that the same thing has happened in other areas of my life.

I needed to figure out a way to prevent this from happening again. I also needed a resource that would keep me focused on my goals 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

I decided to turn to what is regarded as one of the most effective ways to create one’s reality….affirmations.

Affirmations are not only effective but they have been recommended by personal development coaches from all over the world for thousand’s of years.

When I discovered
Sculptor 3
, I knew I found exactly what I was looking for and more.

Sculptor 3
not only helped reignite my exercise regimen but it has also enabled me to get more work done in less time making my businesses more lucrative.

The program which consists of:

  • Affirmation Program – Regular and Auto-Mode

  • Brain Wave Files

  • Sentence Completion Module

  • Visualization Aid

  • e-Book “It Works” and Writing Assignments

  • Subscription to Sculptor 3 Private Web Site

  • “7 Part Affirmation Course” e-Book

  • Subliminal Messaging Program

  • Bonus Gifts

Sculptor 3
has had a direct impact on the success and enrichment of my life as it is today. In as little as 10 minutes each morning while I was checking my e-mail, I was reconstructing my entire reality to enhance my level of personal development.

Make no mistake — this is NOT just another book or cassette program that talks about manifestation techniques.
Sculptor 3
is a powerful software program that makes things happen…

If you’ve tried books or tapes on the subject before, then you’ve probably already discovered that oftentimes, they’re just a pleasant read. I’ve been there myself — curled up with a book, feeling hopeful of a bright future. But, did anything change? Getting results is the acid test.

This time, the results will be evident every single day just as they are for me.

It is extremely easy to use and very effective. Aside from that, you get a ton of bonus material.

If you are looking for the best
affirmation program
available today, look no further.

–> Visit The Sculptor Affirmation Software Website <–

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