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Science of Being Secrets

In life, whenever we want to learn something new, we must undergo some sort of process that will help educate us. That education can come in the form of college, trade specific institutions, online classes, seminars, etc.

Then there are other resources that one can utilize to educate him or herself such as books for example. While I have instilled a great amount of knowledge in myself through books, I feel that seminars and educational programs always provided me with a better understanding of the knowledge that I was in search of.

The only problem with seminars and educational programs is that they usually have a pretty hefty price tag attached to them, whereas books are a lot less expensive.

So here I was stuck in a dilemma. I could shell out hundreds and even thousands of dollars on an educational program and walk away with a full understanding of what I’ve learned and the ability to effectively apply it. Or, I could spend a few bucks on a book, read it here and there, get a basic understanding of a particular subject and apply what I’ve learned for a short time before I become bored or frustrated.

So when I discovered the Science of Being Secrets, I was blown away.

Finally, someone has taken all of the profound knowledge and learning exercises that one can usually only find in the form of an educational program and transformed it into an effective, easy to read, affordable e-Book.

It’s like getting the best of both worlds.

This best selling e-Book by Baron Eugene Fersen, who has educated some of the worlds finest teachers is not only one of the best educational programs in the form of an easy to read book ever published, it is truly life changing.

The reason I say this is because it focuses on improving one’s self through mind, body AND spirit.

There was no "official" table of contents published with this 1927 course that I can find. But here’s a snapshot of the Lessons.

(Part I: BODY)

Lesson 1 Introduction. Universal Life Energy.

Lesson 2 Making Contact with Universal Life Energy (my favorite lesson!)

Lesson 3 Examples of the use of Universal Life Energy in Ancient Times and from the late 19th and early 20th century


Lesson 10 The New Science of Mind

Lesson 11 Unveiling the Mystery of Subconscious(ness)

Lesson 12 Explanation of Mental Laws and Selfconsciousness


Lesson 19 Soul: Is there a Soul and what is it?

Lesson 20 Exact Relation between Your Soul and Your Body

How to Transform Your Body in Accord with Your Desires

Lesson 21 Revelation of Your Own True Self

I’ve always believed that personal development is a mind body experience. I happen to be a very spiritual person as well so for me, this program is the perfect fit. I have effectively used it to improve nearly every aspect of my life.

And the best part is, because this wonderful resource is an educational program, the knowledge acquired is anything but short lived.

If you too, want to experience a life changing educational program for the price of a book, log on to the Science of Being Secrets website and start fulfilling your life. And the best part is, because this wonderful resource is an educational program, the knowledge acquired is anything but short lived.

Visit The Science of Being Secrets Website

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