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Right Brain Diet

For years, I tried diets, nutritional & weight loss plans. Nothing seemed to work. I would lose weight and gain it right back.

There were also the diets that did work. The only problem with them was that they were torturous. So the minute I’d start to see some results, I would think it was ok to cheat a little, which eventually leads to going right back to poor eating habits.

I discovered the Right Brain Diet a few years back. I met Joel Kaye, the creator of the wellness program in a health club. I knew he was teaching at New York University at the time and I knew he could answer any questions that I may have regarding nutrition.

Joel sat with me for about 2 hours and answered every single question I had and then some. He opened my eyes to many things that I had no idea about.

Let’s put it this way. When I went home that day, I emptied about 30% of my refrigerator. The stuff I was throwing out didn’t consist of cookies, cakes and chips either. It was stuff that I actually thought was good for me!

After taking out the trash, I logged onto and began delving into a world of self improvement geared toward achieving optimal health.

This book truly changed the way I looked at dieting. I always thought a diet was a word used to describe restricting unhealthy foods from your regimen. Once I realized that a diet is simply what you eat, things got little easier.

After tapping into my subconscious and properly programming my thought patterns (yes this book teaches you how), eating the right way was no longer a problem.

Then, the education began. I starting seeing many of the myths I had heard through the years being debunked.

Here are a few examples:

  • MYTH: "Losing 14 Lbs In Seven Days Is Healthy Weight Loss."

  • FACT: Losing Any More Than 2 Lbs Per Week Is Unhealthy And Temporary Weight Loss!

  • MYTH: "Certain Foods Will Burn Fat."

  • FACT: No Food Can Burn Fat!

  • MYTH: "High Protein Diets Are A Great Way To Lose Weight."

  • FACT: High Protein Diets Are Very Unhealthy. This Type Of Diet Can Lead To Heart Disease, Cancer And Even Bad Breath!

  • MYTH: "Food Combining Causes You To Lose Weight."

  • FACT: There Is No Scientific Evidence That Eating Certain Foods Together Will Cause Weight Loss!

  • MYTH: "Through Dieting You Can Lose Weight In Your Stomach And Thighs Only."

  • FACT: It Is Impossible To Spot Reduce When Dieting!

  • MYTH: "Milk Is Good For You."

  • FACT: Milk Contains Caseinate, the Major Ingredient In Wood Glue!

  • MYTH: "Fad Diets Are A Healthy Way To Lose Weight."

  • FACT: Fad Diets Are Hard On The Body And At Best Will Be Temporary Weight Loss!

  • MYTH: "Starches Are Fattening."

  • FACT: Most Foods High In Starch Are Low In Fat And Calories!

  • MYTH: "You Can’t Have Sugar Or Fat While Dieting."

  • FACT: You Need Sugar And Fat For Optimal Health!

This book is based on scientific fact, not some fairy tale created to get you to spend money. Believe me when I tell you, this book works.

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