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Have you ever watched a sports game where a team was down and the game was just about to end and all of a sudden something unexpected like a last minute field goal, touchdown or home run takes place and the other team wins?

When something like this takes place, many people think it’s luck manifesting itself. But the truth is that it’s not luck at all. It is actually just a result of a number of different steps taken by the player prior to the game.

Baseball season for instance usually runs from spring to fall. During those months, a series of games are played until ultimately it comes down to one game called the World Series where a champion team is crowned until next season.

As we all know there is something called an off season in professional sports. During the off season, professional games are not being played but rather an enormous amount of rigorous practice takes place. During these times of practice, countless hours each day are spent performing drills which consist of various activities performed over and over again until they are nearly perfect.

Now at first glance, you may think that some of the activities being performed may not necessarily bring forth any direct benefit to the player. But in actuality, these repetitive activities performed during the off season are what make those last minute plays that seem like luck to everyone else, really just a result that occurs when certain steps are aligned with certain laws that are taken.

Does a successful professional sports player ever refuse to perform required activities during practice? No. The reason why is because he or she understands the laws that govern the game and he/she knows the relationship between the steps being taken during practice and the result in the game cannot be disputed.

What further strengthens the players desire to practice is when he/she actually sees the result in real life which to the rest of the world looks like a miracle or form of luck.

Imagine how powerful and successful you would feel if you could do something that the rest of the world would view as a miracle.

Well the truth is many people are doing this everyday. They are recognizing and harnessing the laws of the universe and taking steps in life that correlate to those laws and ultimately creating their own luck.

Nicholas P. Kidd and Henk J.M. Schram’s Revolutioniz resource is second to none when it comes to applying the laws of the universe to create the life you’ve always wanted.

Aside from being extremely well written, easy to read and interesting, this book is filled with information that works! This course may be the best material I’ve seen on the the laws of the universe, specifically the law of attraction.

Here’s just a small selection of the things you’ll discover within Revolutioniz:

  • How all Universal Laws interact and influence each other.

  • How to replace your belief system with a state of mind that’s conducive to manifesting anything you want in your life.

  • Discover the true nature of what is called ‘reality’ and how to apply this knowledge to create the life and destiny you desire.

  • Learn all about the crucial importance of wavelengths and frequencies in manifesting your desires.

  • Discover how your 5 senses can hold you back in making all your dreams reality.

  • Learn about the mechanism that explains the workings of the Law of Attraction. Knowing this will greatly amplify the effects you get from applying the Law of Attraction!

  • Why any belief in lack, scarcity, or limitation is false, and the many ways in which such a belief can hold you back in achieving your dreams.

  • Learn about your ‘subtle body’ and its crucial importance in making the Law of Attraction work for you.

  • Discover how essential your thoughts and emotions are in determining the outcomes of your life, and how to turn them into the types of thoughts and emotions you need.

  • Learn an extremely powerful trick to shift focus from the wrong thoughts and emotions to the right thoughts and emotions immediately.

  • Discover the true nature of Karma (a.k.a. Cause and Effect) and why most resources get it all wrong. Knowing this crucial little nuance about Karma can mean the difference between success and failure.

  • Learn why you are living in a remarkable period of history and why now is the best time ever to make the changes to your life that you’ve been longing for so long.

What separates this resource from many others is that it first explains why other attempts at using the laws of the universe sometimes fail and then provides the solution. Doing this opens the readers eyes and builds confidence in the ability to effectively apply the principles.

Make no mistake, this course is a must have. If you aren’t exactly where you want to be in life, be proactive in making a change. This course will make it as easy as possible.

To find out more, log onto Revolutioniz


Get Ready To Create A Life Beyond Imagination!

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