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As a personal development crusader and self-improvement junkie, I am constantly searching for new resources, methods, principles and techniques to sharpen my saw. When I’m not reading, I’m writing. When I’m not writing, I’m listening to cd’s and mp3’s. And when I’m doing none of those things, I’m looking for something new to read or listen to that will help me to better maximize my potential. I call these materials "tools."

During one of my regular late night Internet pursuits for some new "tools", I found something quite interesting and coincidentally it was called a toolbox, the NLP Toolbox to be exact. I’d heard Anthony Robbins speak numerous times about the power of NLP which stands for Neuro Linguistic Programming. I found the whole concept to be really intriguing and desired to learn more about it so when I discovered the NLP Toolbox, I thought to myself "Just what I was looking for. This should give me a pretty basic understanding of what NLP is all about". Well let me tell you, to say that this e-book provided a clearly defined, easy to understand explanation of this concept that left me speechless would be an understatement.

Right from the beginning, Colin Smith grabbed my attention and kept it by thoroughly explaining the concept of NLP and all the principles and techniques that accompany it in an easy to read format. I think the fact that this book is an "easy read" may be one of that best attributes it has to offer.

Many times I find myself having to read something over and over again and while the material may be beneficial, understanding it can sometimes be a task. Research has shown that every time you have to go back to re-read something because you didn’t quite get it the first time, you actually start doubting your memory skills which then leads to lack of understanding the material you are reading. Definitely not the case with the NLP Toolbox. Aside from being choc full of great information, it’s very easy to understand.

This book teaches you how to train your mind the same a way a professional athlete trains to win a sport. Prior to having discipline, persistence and good work ethic, an athlete must have a strategic plan and a fundamental understanding of how the game is played. Only then, can he start applying techniques that help him to win. The same is true of this book. Before introducing you to the techniques, he explains the fundamentals of NLP which will give you an informative description of how our mind works.

For example, Colin explains how our minds are really mental maps and not reality. When we respond to what we think is reality, we are actually responding to our maps. Congruently, if we want to change our reality, we must change our maps. I found that principle alone to be quite interesting.

From there, he explains how our memories and thoughts follow a certain pattern based on past experience and then actually teaches you how to change the pattern to produce positive thoughts.

Through visualization, this book also teaches you how change many of your thought patterns including:

  • How to abandon one thought sand focus on another completely different one using "break states".

  • How to change you state of mind using "anchors".

  • How to view situations and memories from three different perspectives through "perceptual positions".

  • How to identify intuition to aid in decision making.

  • How to enhance your personal power.

  • How to free yourself from anxiety and fear.

  • And much more…

The last two techniques alone value the book at it’s cover price. Add in all of the other great gems and you’ve got one heck of a value. The bottom line is this. This book is everything it claims to be and more. I have found many of the techniques encapsulated in this resource to be an effective catalyst helping in mastering any aspect of my life and bringing my personal potential to another level.

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