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NLP Confidence Builder

In my quest to enhance my personal development, I turn to many different resources for many different reasons. Each resource that I have in my collection serves a particular purpose and can be used as a tool to improve a certain aspect of my life.

I’ve noticed through the years that certain people seem to deliver better, more effective resources in certain areas. One person may have a great product on motivation but can be easily out shined by another person in a different arena such as time management.

Point being is this. Through many years and countless hours of reading and research, I have found a select number of people that basically make up the majority of authors or creators of the products that I find to be the most effective.

As a personal development crusader, I love discovering new resources to add to my collection of treasures designed to enhance my level of self improvement. Each resource that I own holds a special place in my collection for it’s own reasons. Every tape, cd, book, video or mp3 is unique in it’s and effective in it’s own way.

I have learned and enhanced numerous skills using my resources. Some help me manage my time better. Others help me to build positive thoughts and maintain them.

What I love most however, is when I get the best of both worlds.

You see some resources enable you to enhance a certain part of your being specifically and some resources serve as tools to enhance your overall level of personal development.

Just this past week, I was fortunate enough to come across a gem of product which uses one of the most renowned, effective and universally accepted tools to enhance a vital area of my life.

The name says it all; Christoph Schertler’s best selling program entitled the NLP Confidence Builder will equip you will all the necessary tools to do just that; build confidence using Neuro Linguistic Programming.

Unduplicated by anyone else and unmatched in terms of quality, Christoph’s book touches on aspects I’ve yet to see anyone else cover.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside:

Anchors And State Management: One of the main lessons of NLP is becoming aware of what helps you and what hurts you. Certain behavior patterns in your life will trigger your self confidence state. Others will rob you of it. In this chapter I show you how to identify and work with both types of behavior patterns so you can better manage your emotional state.

Beliefs: Our beliefs are self-fulfilling prophecies. If you believe you are destined for success you will be and if you believe that you are doomed to failure you will be. In this chapter I will teach you how to destroy the beliefs that are holding you back and generate a new belief system that will move you forward.

Presuppositions: Presuppositions are the ground rules we accept to be true and use as a guide for the way we live our lives. Like beliefs, they can either help us or hold us back. In this chapter I will show you how to create new confidence-building presuppositions and rid yourself of the ones that prevent you from being the confident person you wanted to be.

Conclusion: By the time you have completed all seven chapters self confidence will be yours. In this concluding chapter you will lean how to apply these exercises in your daily life on a continuous basis, so that you never lack confidence again.

Resources: Finally, Chrstoph will provide you with dozens of places, article links and other resources to help you continue and expand your NLP training and become the most confident person you can be. Life is a continuous learning process and these resources will help you to continue to meet and exceed your personal goals.

Don’t wait any longer to be introduced to a sharper, more confident you. Log onto Christoph’s website and grab your copy today.

The NLP Confidence Builder

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