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Master Your Memory

I have been a self-improvement junkie for years. I have purchased over a thousand products in the form of CDs, tapes, mp3s, books, videos, etc.

The amount of money that I have spent on resources to enhance my level of personal development could probably build a house to store all of my resources.

While each resource owns a special place in my heart, others have owned a special place in my garbage can. In other words, some resources have truly helped change my life for the better and others were a complete waste of time and money.

Being the frugal shopper that I am, I refuse to waste money anymore on anything. So I have a few rules when I purchase a product designed to enhance my level of self-improvement.

First, it must have a money back guarantee.

Second, it must be easy to understand.

Third, it must be reasonably priced.

Well, as of very recently, I have been purchasing products that fit all three criteria. Yet I find that I either have to read or listen to them over and over again or I seem to forget important parts of these books, CDs, mp3s, etc.

One of the golden rules that all self-improvement gurus teach is that when you begin to study something, study it so well that you are able to teach it.

The theory is if you can teach someone else what you have learned effectively, you have in essence learned the material well.

Back to my point. As of recently I find myself teaching other people what I have learned but I’ll suddenly forget an essential part of the material. Or, as luck would have it, someone will ask me a question about the material and I can’t answer it.

I thought to myself "Perhaps it’s because of my busy schedule or because I have such an abundance of material in my reach that I’m not absorbing what I study as well as I should."

The problem is that if I would have accepted those as acceptable reasons for my lack of remembrance, the answers would be to either A.) Cut my busy schedule down, thus negatively impacting the amount of work I get done or B.) Get rid of some of my resources, even if they are effective.

There had to be another way.

Then I came up with an answer I could accept. I simply needed to improve the way I absorb the material that I study.

In a nutshell, I needed to improve my memory. Doing so, would allow me to better understand what I study and be able to retrieve the information when I need it. Whether it was a real life situation or simply being able to answer a question.

And so, my search began. I spent several nights up until the wee hours of the morning in search of a resource that I could use to improve my memory.

After about 6 nights and 50 cups of coffee, I discovered and Dr. Mike Teitelbaum who has:

  • Lectured on hypnosis at the University of Miami Medical School.

  • Hypnotized patients undergoing surgery who were not otherwise anesthetized.

  • Been a professional stage hypnotist and mentalist for over 30 years and he is known world-wide.

  • Been distinguished member of The American Guild of Variety Artists and The Screen Actors Guild.

  • Been called the greatest stage hypnotist/mentalist in the world!

  • Lectured and presented memory seminars to corporations and colleges across America.

  • After purchasing the book for less than I paid for the coffee I drank. My memory has improved by about 1,000%.

I thought perhaps my results were extraordinary but this seems to be the case for everyone who reads this book, which will help you:

  • Develop a photographic memory and reap financial rewards

  • Raise your grades to a 3.5 average – or better

  • Remember long numbers, such as confirmation numbers

  • Save on shopping by remembering the lowest prices

  • Instantly recall Website addresses without the slightest effort

  • Never forget another birthday or anniversary

  • Earn more money, commissions, and salary

  • Amaze your friends – become a "mentalist"

  • Learn new memory techniques not ever published before in any book

The resources which I use to better myself are worth more than ever now because:

1.) I can fully utilize them to their maximum capacity.

2.) I spend less time utilizing them.

3.) I am no longer embarrassed when some asks me a question because I remember all of which I study.

As a person obsessed with improving myself, this book has enabled me to do just that and more.

It can do the same for you in more ways than you can imagine.

Visit The Master Your Memory Website

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