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How To Manifest What You Want

I’m a firm believer that we all create our own reality. In fact, at times I’ve even questioned what reality actually is? Is a reality a series of events that everyone on planet earth is experiencing simultaneously? Is reality different to each person? After much research and soul seeking, I have come to the conclusion that reality is simply a dream. And everyone on planet earth is having one big dream.

Some parts of our dreams are the same and others are different.It really all depends on what you consider to be fact and what you consider to be opinion. I know this may sound a little "out there" so just to bring you back to reality, I would like to share a fact with you. There is absolutely no scientific evidence that the cerebral cortex – which is the part of our brain that is responsible for higher functions of the nervous system, including voluntary muscle activity and learning, language, and memory – can decipher what we see, hear, taste,smell and touch is actually real.

Aside from that, the cerebral cortex produces vision as we know that is the same when we are awake as it does when we are sleep. It basically accepts that which we tell our subconscious is real and creates a reality for us to live in.

Think about this for a second, if you had never seen a boat before and some told you that you could put a 200 ton piece of metal in the water and it would not sink, you would probably not believe them. Whereas the captain of a ship who understands

completely the reasons why boats float, rarely worries about sinking when at sea. And the engineer who designs boats and has an even a better understanding of how boats float, almost never worries about a boat sinking. The difference lies within each person’s concept of reality.

Whether you realize it or not, you are creating your own reality right now. Whatever you accept as real, is real in your life. If you believe that you are only going to have enough money to pay your rent, bills and have little cash left over; that is probably how you live.

The difference between people who live enriched lives and people who are unhappy all comes down what their vision of reality is. Happy, joyful, successful people have a reality that says they deserve the best life has to offer and through hard work and a little karma, doors open for them. Conversely, people who believe they are doomed usually wind up that way.

"How to Manifest What you Want"
is one of the best courses I’ve seen on creating your own reality and drawing to you the things you desire.

Finally, someone has taken the true to life principles that I have outlined above and synergistically combined them with other powerful principles to create a formula for you to literally manifest everything you want out of life.

You will learn:

  • How to manifest anything you want in life rapidly, efficiently and in detail

  • How to use the secret of modeling success to attain success

  • How to tap into the power of the visualization

  • How to use the universal law of resonance to attract anything to yourself

  • How to use and understand the secret law of vibration to attract what you desire

  • How to magnetize your desires to yourself

  • How to create a life of happiness, success and luxury

  • How to use the potent power of your subconscious mind to manifest your desires

  • How to use the potent power of belief to attain victory in all you do

  • How to correctly write your goals so you subconsciously attract to yourself what you desire

  • How to use the power of your sixth sense to solve problems and inspire your planning

  • How to build a master mind group so you have an unstoppable unit of knowledge, strength, power and success.

  • How to use the mysterious power of prayer to tap into the highest abundance

  • How to use the knowledge of mystics, yogis and saints to rapidly manifest your desires

  • How to use the magic power of secret spiritual practices that surpasses all other manifestation techniques

  • How to use the ancient science of building placement, design and construction to attract the highest success vibrations

  • And much more

I personally recommend "How to Manifest What you Want" to anyone interested in using the same techniques that people like Bruce Lee, Donald Trump, Jack Canfield, Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and many more have used for years to achieve successful, enriched lives. Now it’s your turn.

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