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Directed Dreaming

I am constantly in search of new resources to draw upon to improve myself. I spend at least 30 hours per week reading, researching and listening to any material that I feel could possibly bring my potential to the next level. The methods in which I use to develop myself are usually done through traditional methods such as books, videos, mp3’s, tapes, etc.

Because my schedule is so demanding, it can sometimes be a bit of a task trying to fit in extra time to develop myself further. That was however, until I discovered Directed Dreaming and realized that I could develop myself even while I was asleep. That alone, would probably double the amount of time I was dedicating to self improvement. Plus, the methods described in the material were something I never even heard of or dreamed (pardon the pun) were possible. To put it mildly, I was pretty ecstatic.

I had always heard of lucid dreaming but wasn’t quite sure what it was. And I certainly had no idea that I could use it as a method of improving upon myself. Lucid dreaming is basically dreaming while being aware that you’re dreaming. Once you realize that you are dreaming, you can then become empowered by it as you can control every single aspect of the dream.

The thing about lucid dreaming is that it usually happens every once in a while, sporadically. And most people don’t know what to do once they realize they are having a lucid dream. That is of course until the e-book Directed Dreaming came along.

The first book entitled "Beginner’s Guide to Lucid Dreaming Techniques" not only explains what lucid dreaming is but it also teaches you:

  • How to make them occur more often

  • How to properly identify them

  • How to control them to ultimately bring forth positive benefits

  • How to recall them once you awaken

  • How to properly perform reality checks during the dreams

  • Which reality checks work best

  • How to re-enter dreams after you awaken

  • How to stop your dreams from fading

  • And much more..

I found this book not only to be very interesting but very entertaining as well.

The second book entitled "Directed Dreaming" is where you can start using your dreams as a resource to bring you a little closer to success by showing you:

  • How to tap into the sub-conscious mind to find answers that you would not consciously recognize

  • How to utilize the power of energy

  • How your thoughts control your actions

  • How to capture your dreams while asleep as these dreams have no boundaries

  • How to direct your dreams while you are awake

  • How to redirect negative thoughts

  • The list goes on..

The third book entitled "Your Dreams Revealed" is basically a blue-print to identifying the thousands of images that appear in dreams so that you can understand your dreams better. I found this to be especially intriguing.

The books on are the best tools that I have seen on the market with regard to using your dreams to tap into your hidden potential and find answers to questions that seem to puzzle us in the real world. This is reading I recommend for anyone looking for another avenue to develop themselves or just wants to read something extremely interesting.

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