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Creative Visualization

Last week I was watching The Big Idea with Donnie Deutsche which is one of my favorite programs. For those of you who don’t know, Donnie’s show showcases some of the most successful entrepreneurs and organization leaders around the world.

For about an hour, Donnie picks the brains of these ultra successful people to see what exactly how they came up with their "big idea".

Last week the show was a little different. Rather than focusing on how an idea turned into a million dollar phenomenon, the focus was how to sustain a million dollar phenomenon and keep it growing.

He had a few guests on the show and while all their answers were both different and similar in some aspects, they did all share one opinion on one essential element to keeping a business successful and continuously growing it. That element is called visualization.

Throughout the entire show, the importance of having a continuous vision of what direction the company should be moving in was stressed numerous times.

Some people were pointing out how visualization first set the stage and direction for the idea to transform into a multi-million dollar organization while others spoke about passion and dedication not being enough if a vision is not present.

You see many people make the mistake of thinking that hard work, persistence and knowledge are all it takes to be successful. While that may be true, there’s a difference between becoming successful and actually staying that way.

Having a vision of where you want to be down the road is the only sure-fire way to excel and stay progressively successful.

The role of visualization in success is something I have never taken for granted and always knew was extremely important. So whenever I come across a resource that I can use to enhance my level of creative visualization, I jump on it.

Stephen Pierce’s best selling e-book on creative visualization tops my list of visualization resources and is a must own.

He has put together an easy to read, effective course on using creative visualization to further propel you toward your dreams whether you are already on your way or just starting out.

Here’s a snapshot of what’s inside:

  • How the brain works and the proper way to use it accordingly

  • The right way to visualize.

  • Your step-by-step guide to creative visualization.

  • How your emotional guidance system helps you achieve your desires.

  • The wrong beliefs people have that hinders them from manifesting their thoughts into reality.

  • How your mind can keep you well and energetic.

  • How to induce success with creative visualization.

  • Success stories of people who have made creative visualization their way of life and the things you can learn from them.

  • Precious nuggets of wisdom that you can apply in your daily living.

  • And a whole lot more!

Whether your journey toward success is just beginning or needs to be continued, Stephen Pierce’s book on the essential element of creative visualization will help.

Log onto Stephen’s website and see for yourself.

Creative Visualization: The Key to Getting What You Want in Life

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