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ASIT Premier Course

One of my absolute favorite TV programs is The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch CNBC. This show celebrates and showcases some of the most innovative and successful people in the world.

In a nutshell, the show is centered on people that either greatly improved an existing product or situation or invented a brand new product or solution.

Donny’s guests on the show have included Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Robert Kyosaki as well as many other great inventors including the guys who came up with the Zipcar and Crocs (the famous rubber footwear).

Now I’ve read tons of books on successful innovative people and their stories. But I find this show to be particularly entertaining because Donny will ask them all of the questions that I want to ask while I’m reading the book. So in effect, it’s almost as if I’m the one doing the interviewing.

Throughout my many hours of watching Donny pick the brains of these inventive geniuses if you will, I’ve noticed one single element that seems to be present in almost every story.

About 90 percent of these people share a story that is very similar. They were at a point in their life which some would consider to be rock bottom. And you know what they say: When you’re at rock bottom, you can only go up.

Take the founder of Crocs. A few years back, while going through a divorce, having his mom being diagnosed with cancer and losing his job, his friend took him on a Caribbean vacation to relax a little.

That vacation changed his life. He was introduced to a rough prototype of the shoe and knew that he was going to start a company selling those shoes. Today, Crocs is a multi-million dollar business.

This is just one example of a person who was at a point in their life that was characterized by nothing but misfortune and bad luck and as a result of the immense pressure to get out of that point saw an opportunity or had an epiphany that changed his or her life.

Here’s the stickler. Who really wants to hit rock bottom in order to achieve success?

Think of how great it would be to recognize opportunities, sole problems and become innovative without having to lose it all first.

Roni Horowitz’s program on creative thinking can help you do just that.

His best-selling e-Book which is based on the ASIT (Advanced Systematic Inventive Thinking) principles is not only the hands down best material I’ve ever come across on creative thinking, it is life changing!

This is what other people have to say about the ASIT Premier course:

“The ideas and methodologies of ASIT are very intriguing. Overall, I am impressed and can see where these techniques could be readily applied in my job as a software development manager. I could feel the juices flowing as I went through the introduction. Good stuff.”

Robbie Hughes FedEx Services, IT Manager of Enterprise Server Development

“Zipatoni is known for its breakthrough creative thinking for our clients. We are always looking for ways to get smarter, sharper, faster. ASIT is the sharpest thinking I’ve seen in a long while; the principles serve as a roadmap and a shortcut to better solutions.”

Jim Holbrook, CEO Zipatoni, Marketing Agency

“You’ve created flowcharts galore, mapped the last neuron in your mind, brainstormed your brains out and are still without a workable solution to your latest problem or challenge? If that sounds familiar than you MUST get your hands on this course on ASIT.

You will experience one "A-ha" moment after the other as crystal-clear examples demonstrate the principles behind this revolutionary thinking method. I view ASIT as a blueprint to guide and structure the thinking process, literally "forcing" me to come up with solutions to problems. On top of it – most of the time those solutions are not only workable but are elegant and creative as well. Professional or personal settings, ASIT works.”

Marko Zirkovich, USA

If you’re ready to learn the same principles that successful companies like LG, Motorola, Ford Motors Company, Intel and many more, wait no more.

Log on and begin using your mind in ways you never thought possible.:

–> ASIT, A Revolutionary Creative-Thinking Method <–

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